Custom Spaces showcase corporate office spaces and feature the vendors who made them possible. View each project to see the photo collection.

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You think you’re BAD? Try living here in the 1980’s. Think DeathWish, The Warriors & Vigilante. Check out a cool slideshow of the subway.



Naptime becomes a dreamworld 

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Yes! Costumes from (HINT: Click for work related purposes).

Sexy hamburger Costume


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Excellent gif blog featuring a single 25-yr-old’s life amongst her married and engaged friends. I’ve gone onto learn that there’s a whole string of these:,,, and Im sure there’s many others.

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A new design trend brought to popularity by the new iOS. These long shadows, sometimes containing a gradient, have no texture. Makes for a very sharp, retina quality.


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Kevin Okafor shows us step-by-step images of how he creates these frankly mind-boggling precision portraits. The level of accuracy and detail is mesmerising, and has sparked debate over whether something so close to photography can actually be described as art. Visit Kevin’s site »

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Brides Throwing Cats

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Jessica Walsh, of Sagmeister & Walsh, and designer Tim Goodman launched a fun project called “40 Days of Dating”. The pair dated each other for 40 days. During this time they saw each other daily and usually did something together. Afterwards they answered questions about that time spent, and saw a therapist once a week. This website dissects their experience through writing and illustration. Mario Hugo, Christoph Niemann, Siggi Eggertson, Jessica Hische, and Keetra Dean Dixon helped out with these neat typographic illustrations for each update.